Sunday, 8 September 2013

Theory 1

 Andrew goodwin states there are 3 different types of music video .
These sorts of music videos always cut to the beat which is conventional as lots of music videos do this. An example from a music video I have chosen is Eminem – when i’m gone.
Also the images at the time link with the lyrics or the feel of the song. Here we see his daughter showing him a picture she made as the lyrics say “Daddy look what I made”. Many music videos do this to add emphasis and to convey the idea better.
The band image is as expected; an example of this would be one direction. They are wearing the typical clothes we would expect them to wear and there are quite colour co-ordinated.



Amplification – more creative

The music does cut to the beat but not as much. The way the narrative is conveyed is more abstract and isn’t so obvious, more creative way to get the audience thinking. The band or performer take on the fiction roles in the music video. A really good example for this is Katy Perry- last Friday night as she plays the character the story line is based on.



Disjuncture(known as the bad one)

The editing doesn’t cut to the beat which is sometimes seen as bad. Images do not relate to the feeling or narrative. However established bands or performers may be able to take the risk of doing this as they are already popular. The band image is different and not the expected. An example is the band Texas, the woman is dressed as Elvis randomly which confuses the audience. An example of a disjuncture music video is Daft Punk- Da funk where the narrative is about a man dressed as a dog in the city which has no relevance to the song. There was dialogue over the song, ambient sounds.

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