Friday, 18 October 2013

shooting schedule

This is our shooting schedule, these are very important for organisation. The reason for this is because my group consisting of 4 people will need to organise when we can film. We have come up with some dates that we can all do. A shooting schedule is a table which tells the group what dates they will be filming and what they will be filming. On this schedual it will tell the group what they need, for example props and coustumes.

Test Shots

These are some test shots we done in class. We painted Harry's face grey and tested out taking photo's with and without the flash. Clearly in terms of the face paint it looks too blue when the flash is on. We also test the UV lights however we didnt have the UV light so they didn't come up as bright as they would have if we did have a UV light.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

post 11 - CD cover ideas


This is Harry's idea for the album cover. I think his is really good because there are different things and it wouldn't be boring for the person who brought the CD. I like the front cover of the roses in the spotlight, the black background makes it less like a love songs album and more like indie rock. I think he needs to add more colour on the back of the case where the songs will be listed.

This one is my idea for the album cover. I used the splashed paint effect as I've never seen a album cover with that on. It implies it is indie rock because it is paint that has been splashed with force from the person holding the paintbrush and the colours make it the Indie part. I decided to have the back of the cover purple with the border of the splashed paint. This would be ideal because the songs are able to be seem better on a plain background. There are no photos of the band, but silhouettes. I done this because most artist have images of them all over the album cover and this is different so will attract new customers. It also creates this idea of being hidden and the focus isn't on them but on their music. 

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Post 7 - Storyboards

This was my groups first attempt at the anamatic. Story boarding took a long time and we stuggeled comming up with creative shots. We got there in the end and put them in order. We noticed we didn't have as many shots as some of the other groups in our class so we had to come up with more story boards, especially for the narrative. We then had to put them all in order again. We took photos of every frame and uploaded them onto the macs. Once they were all loaded we could begin out anamatic. Unfortunately we didn't take the photos very well or crop them when they were on the macs so some of the shots you can see the rest of the story board. We didn't really cut to the beat and the shots all seemed to last for the same amount of time. Therefore when we go back to our anamatics we will make sure the editing is much better and the shots vary in time.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Post 5 - Image annotaion

This is out idea of what out band will look like. Unfortunately we wont have as many people in our band. They all look casual and as it they could just be walking down the street. Most indie rock bands are very much like this. They take a casual approach but still look good. They dont look scruffy so we need to insure our band still get the casual look with out looking scruffy and like they have woke up and got dressed in the dark. The difference with rock bands and indie rock bands is the indie is toned down and more uplifting. Their clothes should portray this otherwise the audience will feel confused as to what genre it is.

Post Lyrics annotaion 2

Audience research 1 - Questionaire