Tuesday, 21 January 2014

plan for cd cover

This is the CD cover for our band. We are sticking to a blue/purple/pink theme. We think this works really well as it suites the genre as it is rock but it is indie rock. The mixture of colours doesn't actually put a mark on what colour it is. We have the logo we included in the music video. This links the song to the album meaning that lost in the basement is a main song featuring on the album.  The logo is a memorable symbol for people to remember and link the album with.  On the front of the album we are planning to have close ups of 3 all band members

Face uv paint designs

These are the ideas I was drawing in class whilst Harry was editing and Toni was planning the advert for our bands album. I took some inspiration from the internet. I tried to go with a differnt theme every time, whether it was, dots, lines or swirls. The dots one is actually a plan for flicking the paint onto their face, however it is hard to do it in pencil. I personally like this one the best as it looks so much better in person.

I also like the bottom left one on the paper. I took inspiration from the picture bellow, I really like the sharp lines and the swirls. We didn't include the flowers as it is a indie rock band that are going to be wearing this uv paint so we want it to stick to the genre.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Construction photos

This is in an alley way by our school. Harry is walking through it and there will be lots of me around him. We took lots of photos of me in different places around his pathway, sitting down, looking to the side etc. Harry cant see all these people around him but they are there and there is nothing he can do about it, as they are getting closer and closer to him. I wear all black as it is seen as a sad and evil colour which is what is going to happen to him. It also focuses the viewers on my face.

Skate park construction

We went to Rose Hill skate park to film harry skateboarding. The reason we filmed these shots was to get an idea of Harry's individuality before it starts to be taken away from him. Harry is the main character in the music video so it is important we find as much information about him as possible. We also took some shots of harry watching t.v listening to music and looking in the mirror before going out. This brings the viewer closer the main character as its almost like they have been let in to watch 'a day in the life of Harry'. In all of the shots I am there in the background, I have my face painted grey, I am like the future, a presence. Harry can not see me but I am there and he can sometimes feel there is something there. To shoot some creative shots Toni sat on another skateboard and would move her legs to move her as she was shooting. However in the end me and Toni put the camera on the skate board and I would pull the skateboard as Toni would hold onto the camera so it wouldn't fall off. Unfortunately we don't have the equipment so this was the best way we could do this. Harry's costume is the same in all the shots, at the skate park and at his house.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Plannning for our final draft

This is a plan I made in order to give my group some structure. I have listed the things that we need to do, which are;

  1. To re-shoot the dynamic band shots - for this we need to make sure the dance studio is free and we have booked the fig rig.
  2.  Discard of the bedroom part in the beginning of our music video.
  3. Film 4 scenarios of harry doing stuff which makes him an individual-such as having a party (socialising) skateboarding - looking in the mirror for a few minutes analysing himself and listening to music. In every scenario there will be on of the people with the grey faces in the background, as if no one can see it but its there.
  4. Shoot more door shots, to exaggerate the idea of the main character being lost and strange things happening. The doors would be a lift, toilet, Harry's house door and the sports hall door.

Test shots UV for ancillarry

Copy of Test UV shots

Ancillary drafts

This is our draft of part one of our ancillary task. We are happy with this as we think the framing of the shot is perfect and we have space on the left hand side of the poster to include text. The UV lights works really well and will get many people attention as it is a very colorful eye catching advertisement. However we do need to re-take the photo as you can see the shelves in the background. The focus of the photo is on the band members face however we can still see the selves in the background which could divert attention. We will retake this photo exactly the same way it is framed etc but the second time round we will have a black back drop will make the photo / advertisement more professional.

This is our CD cover which we have changed many of times. This is our draft that we were really happy with as we are sticking to the same colour scheme as the advertisement. The main band member however is both in the advertisement and CD cover so we think it will be best to involve the other band members otherwise it might come across that it is a solo artist and not a band.