Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Ancillary drafts

This is our draft of part one of our ancillary task. We are happy with this as we think the framing of the shot is perfect and we have space on the left hand side of the poster to include text. The UV lights works really well and will get many people attention as it is a very colorful eye catching advertisement. However we do need to re-take the photo as you can see the shelves in the background. The focus of the photo is on the band members face however we can still see the selves in the background which could divert attention. We will retake this photo exactly the same way it is framed etc but the second time round we will have a black back drop will make the photo / advertisement more professional.

This is our CD cover which we have changed many of times. This is our draft that we were really happy with as we are sticking to the same colour scheme as the advertisement. The main band member however is both in the advertisement and CD cover so we think it will be best to involve the other band members otherwise it might come across that it is a solo artist and not a band.

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