Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Post 3 - Song details

song details by DemDolphin on GoAnimate

Post 1 - initial ideas

 At the top of the page we included the genre of of song choice and the band and the name of the song.   We had this idea of the narrative being about a group of people perspective of the world. A shot idea for this is a zoom to someones eye and then another shot of a place fading over the top as it we are seeing what that person it seeing, this will be a location change. We are going to ask Alex Kemp to be the vocalist and Mike Perrett to play the drums as he plays them and is a music student. We will also ask Joe wingfeild to play the guitarist and if he can not we will ask Alex as he also plays the guitar. The basic idea of the concept is about someone loosing their identity, they have a different perspective of the world and as they start loosing their individuality their perspective becomes the same as everyone else.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Post 2 - Roles of our group

roles 2 on Make A Gif

We have designated eachother with seperate roles to make it easier to complete posts, and also it will give the group structure. Harry is very advanced in media so he took on the role of mainly being in charge of the editng, of course we we will all a go at it. Hannah will take on the role of being in charge of the camera and lighting. She will have to make sure we have a camera and she will be in charge of the camera work, including the shot types we should use.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Post 17 Audience research 2 (Graphs)

This clearly implies our target audience is basically equal. There are a few more females than males however it is so close that we should target it to both genders.

The audience research here shows the majority prefer narrative music videos. I personally do as well and because of this we will use a narrative in our music video. The whole reason to carry out research is to find out what they prefer so we can meet their needs.

Obviously our target audience is 16-24 year olds, so we will target our music video towards this age group. It will be esier to target it towards this age group as we are within it.

There is a lot of data on this pie chart, we can see a lot of people said they would say the style of indie rock is rocky, relaxed and loud. Therefore we try to make the style relaxed and rocky.

The most people said they expect to see instruments so we will have to use someones guitar. Also the band was mentioned a lot so we will use people to look like a band in our music video.

The main instrument people said they think is used is a guitar, we will use a guitar in our music video to meet there expectations also electric guitar and drums was quite popular.

Post 11 part 2 Analysis of a Indie Rock music video

There are shots of water which could relate  to the cross we see the man wearing. We also see a shot of a thick book, which could be the bible. Within this frame above we also see the man on a bed looking around and two other men whispering, which starts off the story line.

We see some shots of a chicken or a bird, and another man walking somewhere, which makes us create an image in our minds of the setting. There are also quite a lot of shots of the man's eye, this makes us feel really close to him which involves the viewer in the video.


The editing is really fast paced here which is really conventional for music videos. Another convention is lip synching from the band member. The man that was on the bed looking about is lip synching. Another convention was the long shot of the band performing. The part where he sings 'I know there watching' The man covers his eyes which relates the the lyrics.

The overall feel of this music video is dark and mysterious. The setting looks abandoned and where those kind of bands would perform. We see the main singer of the band looking into the camera, lip synching which is another convention, he is also playing the guitar. There is a medium close up of the drummer which again is conventional. The is a close up of just the electric guitar which is being played. Then there is a medium shot of three band members all playing the guitar. This emphasis's the music we are hearing which is main guitar.


The middle part of the song the editing it quite fast paced, again this is a convention of indie rock music videos. The is a medium shot of the band members pinning down the main member down on the bed. The man is struggling and the fast paced editing works really well here. There is an extreme close up in this section of the video of someone eating a chicken wing. This relates back to before in the video where there was a random chicken. However we cant find the significance to it. Relating back to the water before which could be Holy water. There is a shot of the drummer putting his face in the water, this could imply he has sinned before and wants to wash them clean. The man on the bed could signify someone who is possessed this would explain the cross necklace, the holy water, and the chicken for sacrifice.


Here there are a variety of shots, another convention of an indie rock music video, the editing cuts to beat which emphasis's the drums as the editing in some of the clip above happens when the drums are hit quite hard. The band are playing for the majority of this part, it helps us to not forget that they actually made this song and the work and effort that went into it. It also gives the audience a rough idea of what they would be like in a real concert performing.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Post 14 - Record Label research

Post 10 - Mood board

Artist and bands from rock like to be represented in the way of not taking life to seriously. Another way I think is to be being fearless and tough. This could be the idea behind the painful piercings and tattoos. I think they would like to be represented of having their own individuality and cool and quirky look.

Post 12 - conventions of a Indie Rock music video

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Post 15 - Part 1 - Adverts for Indie Rock bands

This advertisement for the rock band Pink Floyd is very unconventional. The reason for this is because the band does not appear on the advert. Artist usually appear on their adverts so people instantly know whose album it is by just looking at it. However here Pink Floyd has used a painting. In a clever way it is as if they have done this to get people to look, because if someone saw this in a magazine without reading the text they wouldn't know what band or artist it involves. So they viewer will look at it closely and be interested the story telling painting, they would then notice it is an advert for Pink Floyd and read what else it says. The advert is convention in ways that it has the bands name on it, the name of the album and when it come out. It also gives some information saying 'The best of Pink Floyd 26 tracks on 2cd' tells the audience there are a lot of songs so the album will be good for people that are interested in this type of music.

The overall advertisement is dark, which is one of the most popular colours associated with rock. Red is also a widely used colour in rock and is used in the squares design at the bottom left of the advertisement and the text the date is in. The painting seems like it is telling a story. The made in the left in a dark room looks sad and as if she’s done something bad or she is just really upset about something. The person that looks like they have just been swimming may be the reason for the girls upset. The two people in the room at the back could also be the reason. The images could all have their own separate meanings and stories or they may all link together. This makes the audience think about the image and there for, remember that the painting was on the Pink Floyd album advert. By having a different approach to other band and artist makes them stand out and be memorable.

Post 13 - Part 3 - Album cover analysis

Post 13 - Part 2 - Album cover analysis

Pink floyd album cover

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Post 11 - part 1 - Analysis of a Indie Rock music video

This is the opening to the music video of underdog by Kasabian. Here we are able to see they are performing which is a convention of music videos, to see the artist appear and perform. The video has an effect which is black and white, white i think works really well in this video because it makes it seem old and like a classic song that everyone knows. If the song was really happy I think they would have been better off to have it in colour but the song isn’t. In this clip we also see a shot of the drummer; this is conventional as a lot of music videos with bands in will have separate shots in with just that person playing their instrument. The slightly high angle shot of the crowd shows us this band is very popular and the people there look like they are have an amazing time. This instantly makes the audience want to go to one of their concerts if they are interested in rock. The shot of the crowd is in slow motion which emphasise and lets the audience have a really good look at what the environment and the feel of the concert.

In this clip lip synching another convention is present, this is one of the most common things music videos do. Obviously here he is singing into the microphone as he is performing live on stage. There are close ups of other band members faces to show the concentration when he is playing the guitar. Another close up is of the guitar which is also very conventional; it is used in many rock videos, for example, paramore - misery business.

We see a low angle shot of the side of the main singers face. This implies that we are at the concert seeing the parts of the band that the crowd do, that we have special access to really close. The low angle shot also makes it appear as if we are looking up to him as if he is someone really important, which relates back to the black and white - classic song no one will forget about. The editing is quite fast past for about 3 shots in the middle of this clip. Fast paced editing is conventional for rock music videos.

There is a long shot of the guitarist with the band around his head. in the frame we see a shadow or someone’s head in part of the camera lens. This makes it as if we are that person in the audience holding the camera filming the band. This makes the viewer feel part of the crowd and personally involved. The panning shot on the ceiling where we can see some of the crowd’s heads again makes us feel as if we are there and that person looking around the huge arena thinking 'wow' Again the main singer is lip synching and there is an extreme close up this time of the guitar. As I watched this music video I notice that the guitars where shown a lot. I think they done this to emphasise the guitar part in the song, that part at the very beginning at the choruses is just guitar and is so distinctive, so the guitar is a very important part in the song so it is present a lot in the video.

Here we see another convention- cutting to the beat, however we haven’t seen it much in this music video. When the light comes on at the back that’s the begging of that shot and the beat goes with the cut. We also see someone in the crowd; crowd surfing which again makes us want to be there.

If we can find a band that has recorded a song and play are gigs I think this would put my group at such a big advantage because a lot of bands and artist do this. I also really like the black and white effect and would consider using it if it fits the feel and concept of out song.

Post 13 - part 1 - Album cover analysis

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Theory 2

Theory 1

 Andrew goodwin states there are 3 different types of music video .
These sorts of music videos always cut to the beat which is conventional as lots of music videos do this. An example from a music video I have chosen is Eminem – when i’m gone.
Also the images at the time link with the lyrics or the feel of the song. Here we see his daughter showing him a picture she made as the lyrics say “Daddy look what I made”. Many music videos do this to add emphasis and to convey the idea better.
The band image is as expected; an example of this would be one direction. They are wearing the typical clothes we would expect them to wear and there are quite colour co-ordinated.



Amplification – more creative

The music does cut to the beat but not as much. The way the narrative is conveyed is more abstract and isn’t so obvious, more creative way to get the audience thinking. The band or performer take on the fiction roles in the music video. A really good example for this is Katy Perry- last Friday night as she plays the character the story line is based on.



Disjuncture(known as the bad one)

The editing doesn’t cut to the beat which is sometimes seen as bad. Images do not relate to the feeling or narrative. However established bands or performers may be able to take the risk of doing this as they are already popular. The band image is different and not the expected. An example is the band Texas, the woman is dressed as Elvis randomly which confuses the audience. An example of a disjuncture music video is Daft Punk- Da funk where the narrative is about a man dressed as a dog in the city which has no relevance to the song. There was dialogue over the song, ambient sounds.

low budget music video analysis 2