Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Ancillarry UV photoshoot

These are a few pictures we took during our photo shoot. Me and Toni would would set up the camera whilst Harry was sitting on the stall in fornt of it. One of us would then sit on it so Harry could check if the framing was correct. We took 3-4 pictures at every different position. We asked Harry to turn his head, slightly tilt it up, back, and we also moved the camera to gt a variety of shots. All together it took us about an hour. In the beginning I painted Harry's face with the UV paint whilst Toni was setting up in the dark room.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Album advertisment research

Past few lessons

Over the past few lessons, Harry has been editing and me and Toni have been working on the album cover and advert. This takes a lot of time as we have been experimenting to see what looks bests. Me and Toni also went into the dark room to take photos of a rose and rose petals we brought as we are not allowed to use images from the internet. We also took in the uv light and painted Harrys face with the uv lights. This photo will be on the inside of the album cover. The uv paints showed up excellently with the uv light and we were all very pleased with the result.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Album cover draft

This is plan for the album cover, we are going to keep the back exactly the same, however we noticed that there are two songs with the same name 'outcast' we will change this. We will also need to change the he rose as it is a picture from Google so we need to take a picture of a rose we have brought. The font we chose I think fits the genre perfectly as it is slightly rocky but is quite sophisticated because of the narrow letters. The inside flap is a picture, this is like the bands logo. We have included this logo in the music video so the customers will recognise it.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Filming where the main character meets the group of people

This is me painting one of our volunteers face. The face paint is grey but has a hint of blue. We chose the colour grey to symbolise their lifeless personalities and how they have no individuality now they have been sucked into this clique. We meet at school at 8:30 and made our way to my house. We first painted all thier faces and got ready for filming. We did have a few retake because it was hard for 5 people to all keep a straight face. The 2 hours we were there were good and we got what we wanted done.

Test shots

This is a test shot to clone people. This has helped us a lot as we could have 1 person with the grey face paint on walking and we could clone this to make it look like there is a huge group of these people. This makes it a lot easier as we wont have to ask lots of people to come and film with us. People pull out and we end up with 3 people which isn't enough. Therefor this has really helped us as now we can have one of the group members being filmed then we can clone it.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Green screen

These are some photos we took of us using the green screen. I was painting the face paint of Harry's face bit by bit and we recorded the whole thing so when we edit it and speed it up it will look as if it is gradually just taking over his face. With the green screen we can basically put anything as the back ground which helps a lot as it will give us so many ideas to choose from.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Advertisment Artwork

This a rose I drew from the internet, this is just an idea of what could go on our album covers. We want to use a rose as it symbolises love and we have made out that some of the songs on the album are about love.

Filming schedule

Having the role of being the director I created this shooting schedule. I made a list of what days we would film, where and when to meet. I also included what to bring, for example black clothes. This schedual helped us and I printed off a few copies so we all had one each. This made it easy to meet as it was always in a place where everyone knew. The schedule is clear and effective.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Post 16 - Track permission letter

Shown above is the request for permissions from the Label company that Canterbury are signed to (Hassle records). We haven't received a reply to the E-mail. We need the permissions for this soundtrack otherwise we will have our music video blocked on YouTube and may have the video or audio deleted due to copyright reasons.

Test Shots

These are some of the test shots we took in class. We used grey face paints as the base with the uv paint over the top. Without the uv light it is really difficult to show how effective these colourful paints can be. The grey face paints seems to be quite dark, therefore we now know next time we need to use more water or use white face paint to make it lighter. Test shots are really helpful because now we know what we need to do to get the best look achievable.

These are some test shots that we took in PDH. This is where we are planning on filming the performance part of the music video. The test shots allowed us to think about the positioning on the drums etc. It was always a chance for us to using PDH lighting. Unfortunately we unable to get the uv lights for this day but I think the lighting looks professional in these test shots. I really like the last test shot on the guitar and think it looks professional. However the guitar because was moving quite a lot so it made the camera pull in and out of focus.

Friday, 18 October 2013

shooting schedule

This is our shooting schedule, these are very important for organisation. The reason for this is because my group consisting of 4 people will need to organise when we can film. We have come up with some dates that we can all do. A shooting schedule is a table which tells the group what dates they will be filming and what they will be filming. On this schedual it will tell the group what they need, for example props and coustumes.

Test Shots

These are some test shots we done in class. We painted Harry's face grey and tested out taking photo's with and without the flash. Clearly in terms of the face paint it looks too blue when the flash is on. We also test the UV lights however we didnt have the UV light so they didn't come up as bright as they would have if we did have a UV light.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

post 11 - CD cover ideas


This is Harry's idea for the album cover. I think his is really good because there are different things and it wouldn't be boring for the person who brought the CD. I like the front cover of the roses in the spotlight, the black background makes it less like a love songs album and more like indie rock. I think he needs to add more colour on the back of the case where the songs will be listed.

This one is my idea for the album cover. I used the splashed paint effect as I've never seen a album cover with that on. It implies it is indie rock because it is paint that has been splashed with force from the person holding the paintbrush and the colours make it the Indie part. I decided to have the back of the cover purple with the border of the splashed paint. This would be ideal because the songs are able to be seem better on a plain background. There are no photos of the band, but silhouettes. I done this because most artist have images of them all over the album cover and this is different so will attract new customers. It also creates this idea of being hidden and the focus isn't on them but on their music. 

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Post 7 - Storyboards

This was my groups first attempt at the anamatic. Story boarding took a long time and we stuggeled comming up with creative shots. We got there in the end and put them in order. We noticed we didn't have as many shots as some of the other groups in our class so we had to come up with more story boards, especially for the narrative. We then had to put them all in order again. We took photos of every frame and uploaded them onto the macs. Once they were all loaded we could begin out anamatic. Unfortunately we didn't take the photos very well or crop them when they were on the macs so some of the shots you can see the rest of the story board. We didn't really cut to the beat and the shots all seemed to last for the same amount of time. Therefore when we go back to our anamatics we will make sure the editing is much better and the shots vary in time.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Post 5 - Image annotaion

This is out idea of what out band will look like. Unfortunately we wont have as many people in our band. They all look casual and as it they could just be walking down the street. Most indie rock bands are very much like this. They take a casual approach but still look good. They dont look scruffy so we need to insure our band still get the casual look with out looking scruffy and like they have woke up and got dressed in the dark. The difference with rock bands and indie rock bands is the indie is toned down and more uplifting. Their clothes should portray this otherwise the audience will feel confused as to what genre it is.

Post Lyrics annotaion 2

Audience research 1 - Questionaire

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Post 3 - Song details

song details by DemDolphin on GoAnimate

Post 1 - initial ideas

 At the top of the page we included the genre of of song choice and the band and the name of the song.   We had this idea of the narrative being about a group of people perspective of the world. A shot idea for this is a zoom to someones eye and then another shot of a place fading over the top as it we are seeing what that person it seeing, this will be a location change. We are going to ask Alex Kemp to be the vocalist and Mike Perrett to play the drums as he plays them and is a music student. We will also ask Joe wingfeild to play the guitarist and if he can not we will ask Alex as he also plays the guitar. The basic idea of the concept is about someone loosing their identity, they have a different perspective of the world and as they start loosing their individuality their perspective becomes the same as everyone else.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Post 2 - Roles of our group

roles 2 on Make A Gif

We have designated eachother with seperate roles to make it easier to complete posts, and also it will give the group structure. Harry is very advanced in media so he took on the role of mainly being in charge of the editng, of course we we will all a go at it. Hannah will take on the role of being in charge of the camera and lighting. She will have to make sure we have a camera and she will be in charge of the camera work, including the shot types we should use.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Post 17 Audience research 2 (Graphs)

This clearly implies our target audience is basically equal. There are a few more females than males however it is so close that we should target it to both genders.

The audience research here shows the majority prefer narrative music videos. I personally do as well and because of this we will use a narrative in our music video. The whole reason to carry out research is to find out what they prefer so we can meet their needs.

Obviously our target audience is 16-24 year olds, so we will target our music video towards this age group. It will be esier to target it towards this age group as we are within it.

There is a lot of data on this pie chart, we can see a lot of people said they would say the style of indie rock is rocky, relaxed and loud. Therefore we try to make the style relaxed and rocky.

The most people said they expect to see instruments so we will have to use someones guitar. Also the band was mentioned a lot so we will use people to look like a band in our music video.

The main instrument people said they think is used is a guitar, we will use a guitar in our music video to meet there expectations also electric guitar and drums was quite popular.