Sunday, 3 November 2013

Test Shots

These are some of the test shots we took in class. We used grey face paints as the base with the uv paint over the top. Without the uv light it is really difficult to show how effective these colourful paints can be. The grey face paints seems to be quite dark, therefore we now know next time we need to use more water or use white face paint to make it lighter. Test shots are really helpful because now we know what we need to do to get the best look achievable.

These are some test shots that we took in PDH. This is where we are planning on filming the performance part of the music video. The test shots allowed us to think about the positioning on the drums etc. It was always a chance for us to using PDH lighting. Unfortunately we unable to get the uv lights for this day but I think the lighting looks professional in these test shots. I really like the last test shot on the guitar and think it looks professional. However the guitar because was moving quite a lot so it made the camera pull in and out of focus.

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