Thursday, 10 October 2013

Post 7 - Storyboards

This was my groups first attempt at the anamatic. Story boarding took a long time and we stuggeled comming up with creative shots. We got there in the end and put them in order. We noticed we didn't have as many shots as some of the other groups in our class so we had to come up with more story boards, especially for the narrative. We then had to put them all in order again. We took photos of every frame and uploaded them onto the macs. Once they were all loaded we could begin out anamatic. Unfortunately we didn't take the photos very well or crop them when they were on the macs so some of the shots you can see the rest of the story board. We didn't really cut to the beat and the shots all seemed to last for the same amount of time. Therefore when we go back to our anamatics we will make sure the editing is much better and the shots vary in time.

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