Tuesday, 15 October 2013

post 11 - CD cover ideas


This is Harry's idea for the album cover. I think his is really good because there are different things and it wouldn't be boring for the person who brought the CD. I like the front cover of the roses in the spotlight, the black background makes it less like a love songs album and more like indie rock. I think he needs to add more colour on the back of the case where the songs will be listed.

This one is my idea for the album cover. I used the splashed paint effect as I've never seen a album cover with that on. It implies it is indie rock because it is paint that has been splashed with force from the person holding the paintbrush and the colours make it the Indie part. I decided to have the back of the cover purple with the border of the splashed paint. This would be ideal because the songs are able to be seem better on a plain background. There are no photos of the band, but silhouettes. I done this because most artist have images of them all over the album cover and this is different so will attract new customers. It also creates this idea of being hidden and the focus isn't on them but on their music. 

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