Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Post 1 - initial ideas

 At the top of the page we included the genre of of song choice and the band and the name of the song.   We had this idea of the narrative being about a group of people perspective of the world. A shot idea for this is a zoom to someones eye and then another shot of a place fading over the top as it we are seeing what that person it seeing, this will be a location change. We are going to ask Alex Kemp to be the vocalist and Mike Perrett to play the drums as he plays them and is a music student. We will also ask Joe wingfeild to play the guitarist and if he can not we will ask Alex as he also plays the guitar. The basic idea of the concept is about someone loosing their identity, they have a different perspective of the world and as they start loosing their individuality their perspective becomes the same as everyone else.

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