Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Post 11 part 2 Analysis of a Indie Rock music video

There are shots of water which could relate  to the cross we see the man wearing. We also see a shot of a thick book, which could be the bible. Within this frame above we also see the man on a bed looking around and two other men whispering, which starts off the story line.

We see some shots of a chicken or a bird, and another man walking somewhere, which makes us create an image in our minds of the setting. There are also quite a lot of shots of the man's eye, this makes us feel really close to him which involves the viewer in the video.


The editing is really fast paced here which is really conventional for music videos. Another convention is lip synching from the band member. The man that was on the bed looking about is lip synching. Another convention was the long shot of the band performing. The part where he sings 'I know there watching' The man covers his eyes which relates the the lyrics.

The overall feel of this music video is dark and mysterious. The setting looks abandoned and where those kind of bands would perform. We see the main singer of the band looking into the camera, lip synching which is another convention, he is also playing the guitar. There is a medium close up of the drummer which again is conventional. The is a close up of just the electric guitar which is being played. Then there is a medium shot of three band members all playing the guitar. This emphasis's the music we are hearing which is main guitar.


The middle part of the song the editing it quite fast paced, again this is a convention of indie rock music videos. The is a medium shot of the band members pinning down the main member down on the bed. The man is struggling and the fast paced editing works really well here. There is an extreme close up in this section of the video of someone eating a chicken wing. This relates back to before in the video where there was a random chicken. However we cant find the significance to it. Relating back to the water before which could be Holy water. There is a shot of the drummer putting his face in the water, this could imply he has sinned before and wants to wash them clean. The man on the bed could signify someone who is possessed this would explain the cross necklace, the holy water, and the chicken for sacrifice.


Here there are a variety of shots, another convention of an indie rock music video, the editing cuts to beat which emphasis's the drums as the editing in some of the clip above happens when the drums are hit quite hard. The band are playing for the majority of this part, it helps us to not forget that they actually made this song and the work and effort that went into it. It also gives the audience a rough idea of what they would be like in a real concert performing.

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