Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Post 11 - part 1 - Analysis of a Indie Rock music video

This is the opening to the music video of underdog by Kasabian. Here we are able to see they are performing which is a convention of music videos, to see the artist appear and perform. The video has an effect which is black and white, white i think works really well in this video because it makes it seem old and like a classic song that everyone knows. If the song was really happy I think they would have been better off to have it in colour but the song isn’t. In this clip we also see a shot of the drummer; this is conventional as a lot of music videos with bands in will have separate shots in with just that person playing their instrument. The slightly high angle shot of the crowd shows us this band is very popular and the people there look like they are have an amazing time. This instantly makes the audience want to go to one of their concerts if they are interested in rock. The shot of the crowd is in slow motion which emphasise and lets the audience have a really good look at what the environment and the feel of the concert.

In this clip lip synching another convention is present, this is one of the most common things music videos do. Obviously here he is singing into the microphone as he is performing live on stage. There are close ups of other band members faces to show the concentration when he is playing the guitar. Another close up is of the guitar which is also very conventional; it is used in many rock videos, for example, paramore - misery business.

We see a low angle shot of the side of the main singers face. This implies that we are at the concert seeing the parts of the band that the crowd do, that we have special access to really close. The low angle shot also makes it appear as if we are looking up to him as if he is someone really important, which relates back to the black and white - classic song no one will forget about. The editing is quite fast past for about 3 shots in the middle of this clip. Fast paced editing is conventional for rock music videos.

There is a long shot of the guitarist with the band around his head. in the frame we see a shadow or someone’s head in part of the camera lens. This makes it as if we are that person in the audience holding the camera filming the band. This makes the viewer feel part of the crowd and personally involved. The panning shot on the ceiling where we can see some of the crowd’s heads again makes us feel as if we are there and that person looking around the huge arena thinking 'wow' Again the main singer is lip synching and there is an extreme close up this time of the guitar. As I watched this music video I notice that the guitars where shown a lot. I think they done this to emphasise the guitar part in the song, that part at the very beginning at the choruses is just guitar and is so distinctive, so the guitar is a very important part in the song so it is present a lot in the video.

Here we see another convention- cutting to the beat, however we haven’t seen it much in this music video. When the light comes on at the back that’s the begging of that shot and the beat goes with the cut. We also see someone in the crowd; crowd surfing which again makes us want to be there.

If we can find a band that has recorded a song and play are gigs I think this would put my group at such a big advantage because a lot of bands and artist do this. I also really like the black and white effect and would consider using it if it fits the feel and concept of out song.

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