Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Post 17 Audience research 2 (Graphs)

This clearly implies our target audience is basically equal. There are a few more females than males however it is so close that we should target it to both genders.

The audience research here shows the majority prefer narrative music videos. I personally do as well and because of this we will use a narrative in our music video. The whole reason to carry out research is to find out what they prefer so we can meet their needs.

Obviously our target audience is 16-24 year olds, so we will target our music video towards this age group. It will be esier to target it towards this age group as we are within it.

There is a lot of data on this pie chart, we can see a lot of people said they would say the style of indie rock is rocky, relaxed and loud. Therefore we try to make the style relaxed and rocky.

The most people said they expect to see instruments so we will have to use someones guitar. Also the band was mentioned a lot so we will use people to look like a band in our music video.

The main instrument people said they think is used is a guitar, we will use a guitar in our music video to meet there expectations also electric guitar and drums was quite popular.

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