Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Post 15 - Part 1 - Adverts for Indie Rock bands

This advertisement for the rock band Pink Floyd is very unconventional. The reason for this is because the band does not appear on the advert. Artist usually appear on their adverts so people instantly know whose album it is by just looking at it. However here Pink Floyd has used a painting. In a clever way it is as if they have done this to get people to look, because if someone saw this in a magazine without reading the text they wouldn't know what band or artist it involves. So they viewer will look at it closely and be interested the story telling painting, they would then notice it is an advert for Pink Floyd and read what else it says. The advert is convention in ways that it has the bands name on it, the name of the album and when it come out. It also gives some information saying 'The best of Pink Floyd 26 tracks on 2cd' tells the audience there are a lot of songs so the album will be good for people that are interested in this type of music.

The overall advertisement is dark, which is one of the most popular colours associated with rock. Red is also a widely used colour in rock and is used in the squares design at the bottom left of the advertisement and the text the date is in. The painting seems like it is telling a story. The made in the left in a dark room looks sad and as if she’s done something bad or she is just really upset about something. The person that looks like they have just been swimming may be the reason for the girls upset. The two people in the room at the back could also be the reason. The images could all have their own separate meanings and stories or they may all link together. This makes the audience think about the image and there for, remember that the painting was on the Pink Floyd album advert. By having a different approach to other band and artist makes them stand out and be memorable.

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