Friday, 17 January 2014

Skate park construction

We went to Rose Hill skate park to film harry skateboarding. The reason we filmed these shots was to get an idea of Harry's individuality before it starts to be taken away from him. Harry is the main character in the music video so it is important we find as much information about him as possible. We also took some shots of harry watching t.v listening to music and looking in the mirror before going out. This brings the viewer closer the main character as its almost like they have been let in to watch 'a day in the life of Harry'. In all of the shots I am there in the background, I have my face painted grey, I am like the future, a presence. Harry can not see me but I am there and he can sometimes feel there is something there. To shoot some creative shots Toni sat on another skateboard and would move her legs to move her as she was shooting. However in the end me and Toni put the camera on the skate board and I would pull the skateboard as Toni would hold onto the camera so it wouldn't fall off. Unfortunately we don't have the equipment so this was the best way we could do this. Harry's costume is the same in all the shots, at the skate park and at his house.

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