Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Plannning for our final draft

This is a plan I made in order to give my group some structure. I have listed the things that we need to do, which are;

  1. To re-shoot the dynamic band shots - for this we need to make sure the dance studio is free and we have booked the fig rig.
  2.  Discard of the bedroom part in the beginning of our music video.
  3. Film 4 scenarios of harry doing stuff which makes him an individual-such as having a party (socialising) skateboarding - looking in the mirror for a few minutes analysing himself and listening to music. In every scenario there will be on of the people with the grey faces in the background, as if no one can see it but its there.
  4. Shoot more door shots, to exaggerate the idea of the main character being lost and strange things happening. The doors would be a lift, toilet, Harry's house door and the sports hall door.

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