Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Post 2 - Analysis of pop video

Here we can see the band has changed thier coustume with the change of the location. This is very conventional of music video's. The coustumes go well together and all show each band members individuality. The camera is slightly angled as a low shot which again is conventionall of a music video as they are 'more important' than us and it could also appear as we are watching them in concert looking up at the stage at them. 


Here the Wanted are showing thier hummerous trait here by immitating the backstreet boys the same as blink 182 did.  The dance cheoregraph is sterptypicall for pop video's. However the wanted arent being serious which in a way goes againts the conventions as thier not doing it on purpose, their immitation the old boy band the backstreet.

The close up of max shows him looking into the camera connecting with the audience which is very convential of music videos especially for pop. He is also lip synching which is another convention.

Again we can see the band here reinacting similar shots from Take Thats music video. The black and white is the same the coustume and props are very similar. Anyone that has see Take That - I want you back will autimaticaly know where this is from when they see this shot in the wanted's music video. This is showing the audience that the wanted are funny and dont take things too seriously, which is differnt to most of the original boy bands.

This wide shot again shows the band immitating Take That. In terms of cinematography, we are able to see all of te band here working together, casually dancing.

Although this isnt a moving image this part of the music video is where the editing cuts to the beat. This is a convention of music videos and is a thing that works very well. The lightscut on the part of the song when there is a 'drop'

Performance here is the band lipsynching and the girl walking around them in next to nothing. A lot of video's mainly males do have women in short shorts and skirts in their music video, to appeal to the men as most boyband fans are women and girls so they also have to aim thier video to men.

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